Artist in Residence 2022

I was so excited to be selected for the South Carolina State Parks Service Artist-In-Residence program this year- such an incredible honor!

"Every year the South Carolina State Parks Service hosts the Artist-In-Residence program. This program provides artists with the opportunity to gain inspiration from the natural and cultural resources of the South Carolina State Parks. In return for a week-long stay at a state park cabin, each artist produces an original piece of artwork that is presented to the park. This competitive program attracts outstanding artists from all over the state and beyond. Out of nearly 100 applicants, meet the 22 artists that were chosen for the 2022 Artist-in-Residence program. 

Ellen Richardson Conner was born and raised in Greenville, SC and currently lives in Piedmont, SC with her husband, Greg, and their two pups. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BA in psychology and devoted many years to careers in animal care and early childhood education, while nurturing her beloved artistic hobbies on the side. In 2018, Ellen decided to take a leap of faith and channel her lifelong passion for the arts into a full time creative venture. She launched a small business, Belle Terre Studios Photography, to showcase her artwork and has found great joy in sharing her vision with the world through commissions, publications, and exhibitions. Ellen has dabbled in various mediums throughout the years, but her primary focus at the moment is photography. She also frequently collaborates with her husband to craft unique mixed media pieces made from locally sourced upcycled materials. Ellen's greatest inspiration is nature, hence the studio name Belle Terre, which means “beautiful earth” in French. She's always happiest when she's exploring the great outdoors and she strives to use her photography to encourage others to respect, celebrate, and preserve the natural world. When she's not busy creating, Ellen enjoys traveling around the US, collecting all things vintage, watching documentaries, indulging in delicious desserts, and rocking out at concerts."